Complete Your Three Most Important Tasks Everyday. is a simple to-do list that forces you to choose your most three important tasks for the day and helps you focus to get them done. screenshot
sam altman

"In any given day there are 100 reasonable things that you could work on. It's easy to get pulled into a fire on number 7, or even to spend time at a networking event or something like that that probably ranks in the mid-90s.

The founders that are really successful are relentless about making sure they get to their top two or three priorities each day, and ignoring other items."

- Sam Altman, President YCombinator

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How It Works


Define your top three priorities for the day emails you in the morning to ask what you want to get done. The constraint of only allowing yourself to choose three important goals daily forces you to pick your priorities wisely and realistically set your tasks based on how much time you actually have in a day.

Lock in your top three tasks to do

You can’t change your top three priorities for the day once you lock in your tasks. This ensures you don’t get pulled onto other distractions and start hacking your to-do list by reprioritizing less important tasks.

Accomplish your goals and track your progress sends you a daily update and weekly email digest on how you’re doing accomplishing your goals. You can track your progress overtime and see how much you’re accomplishing every day.
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